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SMPL has established, implemented & maintained procedures for the ongoing identification of Occupational Health and Safety Hazards, risk assessment that it can control and those that it can influence taking into account planned or new developments, or new modified activities, products and services.
The risk assessment is carried out for all activities of all personnel having access to the work place (including contractors and visitors), human behavior, capabilities and other human factors; facilities of work place and routine and non-routine jobs. Assessment includes:- Hazards which is originating outside the workplace but adversely affecting the health and safety of persons under the control of the organization within the workplace; Hazards created in the vicinity of the workplace by work-related activities under the control of the organization; Hazards due to Infrastructure, equipment and materials at the workplace, whether provided by the organization or others; Changes or proposed changes in the organization, its activities or materials;

Modifications to the IMS, including temporary changes, and their impacts on operations, processes, and activities;

Any applicable legal obligations relating to risk assessment and implementation of necessary controls;

The design of work areas, processes, installations, machinery/equipment, operating procedures and work organization, including their adaptation to human capabilities.

The organization’s methodology for hazard identification and risk assessment has been: defined with respect to its scope, nature and timing to ensure it is proactive rather than reactive; and provide for the identification, prioritization and documentation of risks, and the application of controls, as appropriate.

For the management of change, the organization identifies the OH&S hazards and OH&S risk associated with changes in the organization, the OH&S management system, or its activities, prior to the introduction of such changes.