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Emerging markets and  corporate citizenship are the enablers for the  continual improvement in the technologies, processes. As our commitment towards the systematic and scientific development of the mineral resources with eco-friendly initiative to the society, we enriched our self with the latest technologies; maximize engineering controls for safety and health standards, we continuously monitor and analyze our environmental data in core and buffer zone to keep our promise to maintain the natural environment to the periphery habitants.

Some initiatives are summarized below.

  • Heavy duty fleets of 100 MT class for the excavation and transportation of raw material.

  • State of the art beneficiation process with the amalgamation of world class equipments to utilize the inferior grade iron ore resources.

  • Environment friendly closed pipe conveyors for the logistics of the finished product from the lease hold area.

  • Establish the environmental data monitoring cell  to rate of established environmental standards

  • Implemented the TPM standards for the maintaining the system with high efficiency.