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Infrastructure reinforcements are key to society development. Each lamina of the society has its own demand of infrastructural reforms. SMPL is committed to fortify all possible infrastructural improvements in the area. In keeping up this promise we have facilitated the Tehsil of Barbil with an all Modern Bus Terminus. Roads, School & College Buildings, Medical Halls, House for the needy, Community centers are some of our maneuvers into infrastructural development.

We believe that an educated population is a major catalyst for the development of the nation. Evolution of educational reforms was one of our primary objectives. Opening of schools, Facilitate schools with teachers, Provide schooling utilities are our efforts for upliftment of the society.

“Health is Wealth.” This statement aptly defines our efforts regarding elevation of the health and sanitation index of the locality.  Conduction quarterly health camps, Free medicines for the benefactors, Bathing complex, Providing drinking water in the neighborhood, etc. define our efforts towards a Healthy and Wealthy nation.

The idea of whole world being one family is rooted in our culture. Out and out development of our host communities is in the genes of the organization and each day we work towards achieving that goal. Women empowerment, Facilitating Self Help Groups, Sponsoring Income Generation Programs, Promotion of Arts and Sports etc.  describes our operational module.

We do not inherit the environment from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. We define our efforts for environment alleviation of the area with the above statement. Supporting Agriculture and agriculture based industries, Forest protection, Massive plantation drives in the nearby villages supplement our endeavor towards business excellence.




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