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We began our journey in the year 2001 when on 14th August 2001, Mining Lease of Thakurani Iron Ore Mines Block-B over an area of 2590.40 Acre or 947.046 Ha. in village Soyabali of Barbil tehsil, Dist Keonjhar was executed in favour of Sri Sundar Lal Sarda and Sri Mohan Lal Sarda.

Mining Commenced from 27th August, 2001. Mining operations were carried out in cognizance with all related statutory approvals. In the year 2006, the lease was transferred in favor of Sarda Mines Pvt. Ltd. on 22nd June 2006 with an objective of scientific mining on an economic scale of operation.

Since then a major change has occurred in the mining methodology with vital technological integration of all activities right from the planning process to all ends of production.

Today we are a 15 million ton of iron ore producing company coagulating across sections of society and strengthening India down under. Our mining machineries are among the best in the world and together they unearth the mineral treasure thereby contributing to the nation’s growth. A bunch of enthusiastic people have been the catalyst of our growth and make us who we are.


In keeping with its commitments to an eco-friendly and responsible investment , Sarda Mines Pvt. Ltd has reached the province of hi-tech mining practices, renewable energy employment, sustainable environment management and social strengthening in the State of Odisha.

We assess, plan and manage our environmental impacts across all phases of our business, from exploration to development and from operation to closure. All our actions put sustainable development at the heart of operations. We interact with each section of the society and work in tandem with them for mutual progress. We have high regards for their laws and customs and see that our activities do not cross path.